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The story behind VANLOC

 A leisure vehicle represents a real investment for a household and the culmination of a long thought-out life plan for some. In view of the current situation (in 2021), we realize the uniqueness of this way of vacation and life, which offers many advantages.

In 2007, we bought our 1st van, a Stylevan, so that we could live out our passions (sport and travel) as the family grew. Vanlife evokes childhood memories as well as a lifestyle adapted to our desires for freedom.

This vehicle opened the door for us to great adventures in Corsica, Italy, Croatia, Protugal and even through our beautiful France. We had memorable encounters as we continued to carry out our life projects (professional, personal, childrearing).

Very quickly, we had to balance the pleasure of using and the cost of ownership (purchase and maintenance) of our "California Mobile Hotel". Not very widespread at the time, our way of life aroused a lot of interest from those around us, always with the same reluctance "We really want to try! On the other hand, we don't want to buy without knowing if we really like it! ”. Because yes, this is a significant investment that holds back more than one.

Renting between individuals has therefore come to us as an obvious solution to achieve our projects while preserving our quality of life. We had to overcome the psychological barrier of leaving the keys to a stranger and finding reassuring solutions to our questions.

This is how we embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure

Vanloc was born!

Nowadays, in the collective imagination, the van immediately evokes a positive image, that of the VW Combi of the 70s, freedom, the hippies. The van goes everywhere, whether in town or in the countryside.

The van unites a growing community of enthusiasts with its expectations, its specificities and particularities, whether it is a Combi, a campervan, a campervan or quite simply a leisure vehicle.

It is our mission and passion to make it possible to meet vanlife users to have great experiences and to share them.


Combi .. Vans .. and Campervans

In fact, through our history and our experiences, our image has been associated mainly with the Volkswagen California and Mercedes Marco Polo which constitute the vast majority of our rental advertisements.

Since 2008, we have supported all vanlifers in their acquisition, renewal, equipment, and road-trip projects (over 300) in their family projects across France for more than 10,000 overnight stays in a van in Europe !

The enthusiasm and the increase in the qualitative offer over the past few years in this market have pushed us to expand our offer to meet the expectations of our customers, without forgetting the foundations of Vanloc.

Each year, the Le Bourget Motorhome and Vehicles Show reflects the increase in the offer. We find the historical developers: Westfalia, StyleVan, Reimo, Glénan Concept Car, Hanroad, MGP, Rapido, Iroise Converted vans, Lando.

The design of these campervans and converted vans share the same equipment and technologies as motorhomes. We now find in this growing segment brands from groups present in the world of motorhomes and even caravans for decades! These are market players like Adria, Trigano, Pilote, Rapido and Hymer among others!

We keep advertisements and a dedicated space for vintage VW combi cars and campervans.

Since 2020, our offer has naturally been extended to include all converted vans and vans. The redesign of the site in 2021 highlights this desire to welcome a diversified and qualitative offer.

Two new categories of advertisements are emerging, campervans and recreational vehicles.

Since 2008, has been able to federate and forge partnerships with major players in the world of leisure vehicles and outdoor sports who will meet your needs and attract a high-quality clientele who will appreciate your van and share experiences.

We have included in a store the offers of our partners such as Brand up, Thaïs, Brisa VW Collection etc. grouped together in a Vanloc loyalty club.

You can also share your experiences with various articles and tips.


Online rental agency between individuals

 Vanloc supports the owners of converted vans and vans in the search for additional income in order to amortize the acquisition and maintenance costs of their leisure vehicle without depriving themselves of benefiting freely.

Vanloc advises and finds solutions for tenants who plan to go on vacation with a van or converted van.

Vanloc is a trusted third party that offers a turnkey, customizable solution in a secure and benevolent environment.

Vanloc shares its experience, its network and its knowledge in the accomplishment of your personal projects.

• A pioneer in the rental of converted vans between individuals, we are committed to building a relationship of trust and lasting with all of our users and partners.

• The human dimension of each project is taken into account by our teams.

• Thus, through Vanloc you will have access to a whole community of #vanlife (blog, info, partner club).

• Vanlife is an experience that allows travel to be viewed differently, by raising awareness of eco-tourism and local tourism. We are committed to promoting the local economy and can only encourage consumption by artisans wherever you pass.

An offer adapted to your needs and customizable.

The emergence of the collaborative economy and new practices such as "car-sharing", combined with the growing popularity of vacations in recreational vehicles, has enabled us to build a service offering that is as close as possible to the interests of users.

This is why we attach great importance:

• the quality of the vehicles we put online,

• the suitability of the rental project that will be offered to you through our platform,

• everyone's expectations and state of mind to ensure that the project will be feasible within the framework of a rental "between individuals".

• achievable as part of a rental "between individuals". is a family business and we attach great importance to having direct contact with you "owner", "tenant", to know you well, and to identify your specific requirements.

As the owner of your campervan, you remain the decision maker and guarantee the quality of your vehicle and the reception. You are responsible for taking charge of the camper by the tenants and for advising your customers on the proper use of your vehicle.

Trust is paramount and our desire is above all to secure the use of the van during the rental for the comfort of our users.

Our team is at your service.

Thank you for your trust.


VanLoc tiers de confiance
VanLoc tiers de confiance

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VanLoc vous accompagne

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